Production Procedure

Stage 1

* Receiving production brief.

* Client supplies all architectural renderings or animation project pertinent information (including but not limited Revit model, Sketch-up model, CAD drawings, PDF files, hand sketches, or photos, etc.)

* Providing timing schedule and quotation to client.

Stage 2

* Constructing grey model .

* Clients specify the viewing angle for the model. Client may request different angles for model view before deciding final viewing angle.

* Client may supply high resolution photos for photo integration.

* Getting confirmation of grey model and view angle from client.

Stage 3

* Attaching material and lights.

* Clients may supply pictures for material and material color, or pick material and material color from our material sample page.

* confirming material with client.

Stage 4

* Final high-res rendering and photoshop works (add people tree ,cloud etc) for photo realistic effects.

* Getting clients confirmation for images and effect payment.

* Issuing final images in high reservation or any other version required by client.